Shadowmoon Valley

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Simple bust/reference for my rogue on WRA.
I haven’t been posting on this blog at all lately so I figure’d I’d put something up??!

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Finished this orc ladeh print, it will be available at Wondercon! I’ll make a post later this week regarding time, place, and my table location! Also, say hello to my new pretty banner :3

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Happy 17th Birthday Maisie Williams! (04.15.1997)

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 Upcoming Korean MMO “Black Desert” shows incredible level of customization {x}

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the waitomo caves of new zealand’s northern island, formed two million years ago from the surrounding limestone bedrock, are home to an endemic species of bioluminescent fungus gnat (arachnocampa luminosa, or glow worm fly) who in their larval stage produce silk threads from which to hang and, using a blue light emitted from a modified excretory organ in their tails, lure in prey who then become ensnared in sticky droplets of mucus.

photos from spellbound waitomo tours, forevergone, blue polaris, and martin rietze. (more cave photos) (more bioluminescence photos)

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This photo is so important

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